More National New Yorker

I have added three new pictures to the National New Yorker gallery. This time I shot the guitar on a sheet of shiny black acrylic plastic for a mirror effect. I've been using this technique on several projects lately and especially like the effect here of black and white reflected in black.

The lighting was as usual, two softboxes left and right of the set and a strobe with a 10deg honeycomb grid overhead for accent lighting. Each strobe had to be placed carefully to ensure that there were no uncontrolled reflections. The real challenge in shooting shiny objects on a shiny background is to control each and every reflection so it shows only what you want. I routinely drape the set with black curtains to make sure nothing in the room is illuminated, or reflected.

I am still intrigued by the shapes and textures of this unique instrument and plan to continue my visual exploration of it. Look for more additions to this gallery in the near future.

Posted by Charles under Electric Guitars on 02/01

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