Carl C. Anderson - San Francisco Luthier

Shooting the Anderson mandolin for Steve Baughman led me to begin researching to learn more about the man and his instruments. A visit to Frank Ford's "museum" revealed two more instruments made by Anderson, another, very similar mandolin made after the earthquake and fire in 1907, and a guitar with an unusual cutaway dated "1902/03."

Some further research found a "hollow arm" guitar (a predecessor to modern harp guitars), made by Anderson in 1895, but the only evidence of this instruments are some low-resolution pictures from an eBay auction.

The label in the hollow arm guitar lists Anderson's business address as "503 Post St." which is at the corner of Post and Mason.

Over the next few months, I will be looking further into Anderson's history and hope to bring more details to light about an early San Francisco luthier at the turn of the last century.

Posted by Charles under Acoustic GuitarsOther Stringed Instruments on 05/27

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